Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"American Casino"

Yesterday, I watched a new documental about the financial crisis in USA called "AMERICAN CASINO".
It's was a lesson to me on how far this economic system of "free market" can get, to make quick profits. it was shocking to see how just a few group of people ("wall street vultures") can destroy the life of millions, by taking advantage of minorities, loaning dreams without any principle.
This film got deep into my feelings because it gives examples very related to my life right now in the States.
First, because in my own family is about to happen this tragedy (in Orlando,Florida). Second, it shows Baltimore city as one of the cities where the problem of Foreclosing has been so high in the last tree years, that since I started working there 2 years ago, the first thing I noticed when we were driving around, it was there were so many houses with no people living in it anymore. And Third, it also shows Stockton CA, where I also have so much to feel related to. I'm glad my family there doesn't have this problem, but it's still so incredible it could happen to anyone, anywhere.
I Don't like to be so negative thinking, but reality tells me not to be positive about any government future solution.

After I saw this movie I asked myself:
Why the bail out was to save the same people who create this SHIT?
Why The government didn't bail out or help the people who tried hard to pay their high bills on time, but they gave up?
It this a real free Society? (well in this last question, the response it was kinda obvious... it's not!)

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