Thursday, March 26, 2009


One of the things I miss so much living in NY, it's the "freedom" that we have in Chile or in other "3rd world countries" to paint on the streets.
When you have almost everything to do a public piece (the supplies, the motivation and the time to go out) and you really want to do something positive for you or for your neighborhood, it is almost impossible to make it happen in NY without a permission letter from the owner of the wall. It seems it wouldn't be a problem to get it, but the reality have showed me the opposite and it has taught me that we don't really live in a tolerant society, where someone (like me) can find an abandoned place that is totally dirty and do a mural without getting arrested or having the chance to get in trouble with the law.
This makes a big difference between our styles and our ways to work in South America, and tells me that people in this city are scared for things they shouldn't.
Graffiti and Street art should not be criminalized as it is here right now, because there's other serious problems that really need to be fixed in this country.
Politics and People need to start to be open to new ideas and new ways of living and interact to each other...
...The following pictures show different paintings done with no permission at all in South America, without asking "if is it possible to paint here?..."

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